• Mon, February 23, 2015 2:15 PM | Anonymous

    Be one of the first 20 MINI owners to sign up for the MINI Motoring School and get $200 off your registration fee: a 25% discount!
    At the MINI Motoring School, you will drive on the 2.6 mile Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course at speed and learn performance driving techniques taught by IndyCar and Indy Lights drivers in turbocharged MINI Cooper S Hardtops. 
    MINI Motoring School – First 20 MINI owner registrants: $595 (regular price: $795)
    Classes available April-July 2015 (morning or afternoon). See schedule HERE
    To register with this offer, please email Virginie Gregoire at and include your:

    Mailing address
    Phone number
    MINI VIN #
    We will then contact you to securely process your transaction. Hurry, the race has already started!
    Offer good for first 20 MINI owner new registrations to the adult program (not valid for MINI Teen Motoring School).* Courtesy of MINI USA
    *Cannot be combined with any other offer


  • Sun, August 24, 2014 2:08 PM | Anonymous

    Regardless of the number of MINIs we get on runs, when we meet up to travel to the start of an event, and home again, we automatically adopt convoy rules. 


    Does 'Convoy Rules' mean anything to you? If it doesn't, the following is intended to explain the meaning and purpose of a few simple rules.


    The success of a VMCC run depends on two things:

    a) The driver of the lead MINI (not always the Run Manager) knowing where he/she is going!

    b) The driver of each MINI staying, WITHOUT FAIL, with the MINI BEHIND THEM ; NOT the MINI in front..


    In practice this means that each driver, starting with the lead MINI , drives in such a way that they never lose visual contact*, for any significant period, with the MINI following them...


    DO NOT attempt to stay with the MINI in front...Your responsibility and allegiance is with the MINI BEHIND you. Keep the car behind you in sight - if you've lost them,  Signal, pull over and STOP in a safe place until they catch up.


    Drive at a speed and in a manner that the car behind you stays in contact.

    The following are a few ideas/hints on how to achieve this:

    a)  Drive at a speed that you can comfortably and safely maintain. In many instances the MINIs at the front of the convoy are more experienced drviers, many with high perfroamnce driving courses under their belts. in an efort to impress or ? many new run particpants push to teh front, only to hold up the convoy. However, if all goes to plan the actual speed of the convoy should be set by the slowest car.


    If you find you are consistantly pulling away from the MINI behind you, slow down slightly to allow them maintain visual contact. Conversely if the MINI behind you closes the gap, and you are able (and willing)  to raise your speed slightly, do so until you have re-established a reasonable gap between vehicles.


    If the speed is too much for you, pull over (when safe) and wave the convoy by - the last MINI will "sweep" you back in to the convoy at a more reasonable pace.


    b)  Do not close up on the MINI in front unless the MINI behind has closed up on you! Try and maintain a constant speed, try not to keep speeding up and slowing down. The effect is accentuated as you pass down the convoy!


    c)  Space between cars. There is no "gap" or set distance; it will depend on speed, road conditions and line of sight.


    • On main roads the gap can be quite large allowing other vehicles to overtake easily;
    • On country roads the gap should be reduced to aid visual contact but still allow space for other traffic to overtake.
    • In town,  the gap should be as small as possible. This aids visual contact and maximises the number of cars that can pass through traffic lights, stop signs, merges, etc.

    *line of site visual contact also aids in the effectiveness of FRS radio communication


    A MINI convoy is made up of three parts: 


    Run Leader

    • The Run Leader must monitor speed at all times, remembering that the rear of the convoy may be a long way back!
    • Constantly view mirrors to ensure the convoy is not spacing out too far. (carry an FRS radio and a co-pilot if possible.
    • If a lot of traffic lights are encountered, it may be necessary to pull over somewhere safely to reform.
    • A generous use of indicators when changing direction or turning. 
    • If the convoy is too large to keep together, form a couple of groups.
    • Inform the group prior to departure of the destination and any stops (perhaps a map).
    • VMCC Members


    Do not overtake the Run Leader.  Safe overtaking within the convoy is acceptable.
    Watch the Run Leader for passing (use indicators)
    Maintain a safe distance from the car in front (at least 2 seconds behind at 100 km/h)
    Do not let the car in front out of sight.
    Flash your lights if you're in trouble!

    New and Non members travel  at the rear of the convoy, but in front of Tail-end Charlie.


    Tail-end Charlie

    Keep visual contact with the Trip Leader (if possible).
    Ask passenger to use FRS radio or mobile to contact the Run Leader when necessary.

    Contact the Run Leader if the MINIs at the rear have to travel too fast to keep up!


    the VMCC  encourages all members to suggest club events and thank those who go to the effort of organising runs for the enjoyment of fellow members. 


    Your club directors openly offer to assist with the planning of runs so please don't ever think your great idea will be "too hard."


    Thank you, on behalf of the "El Presidente" and the entire VMCC.

  • Tue, May 20, 2014 9:26 AM | Anonymous

    Hi all,


    Well, that was a fun All-British Field Meet weekend! VMCC members took home two of the three prizes in the new MINI class (23) and then a great showing of six MINIs came out to the Vancouver to Whistler run and car show the next day. The weather cooperated and it was a lot of fun!


    We have added a subfolder to the Events page for photos. Here we can share photos of the various events we attend. Right now only admins can post to this page, so if you have any photos you would like to share, please email them to me ( Don't forget to add a little description if it's not obvious.


    There will be lots going on this summer, so keep your eyes on this site for the details.


    Happy motoring,


  • Fri, May 02, 2014 9:10 AM | Anonymous

    Hey everyone,


    Due to some faulty permisisons settings (forgive your administration, we're still learning!), the forums had a little delay in getting off the ground. These have been fixed and members and associate members can now add content. Non-members can access and read the forums, but can't add replies or content.


    The forums are yours to use, so if there are topics outside of those you can see, you may add them as well. We're tyring to keep the list manageable, so only add a new topic if it really doesn't fit within one of our categories.


    Please also be respectful and polite. We encourage interaction and debate, but let's keep it upbeat. :)


    Let's get chatting!

  • Fri, April 25, 2014 11:07 AM | Anonymous

    Welcome new and returning members! We've had a slew of sign-ups the last few weeks, and it will be great to meet you at runs and events!


    If you have become a member and would like a fabulous sticker displaying our gorgeous crest (see above right), send me a note. Please include your mailing address if it isn't already in our system. The stickers are free with your membership and look great on a rear window. It's also a nice way to identify fellow members - give 'em a wave!

  • Mon, February 24, 2014 10:20 AM | Rahoul Ghose (Administrator)
    Note: the old messageboard will be available and functional for a short while at:

    If you have any posts you want to save and continue, please migrate them to the new blog at:
  • Sat, February 22, 2014 2:21 PM | Anonymous

    Log In
    Everyone who has been a member of the VMCC already has an account on our website. To log in, use the email address in your membership profile. if not, go ahead and create a new one. 

    If you can't remember your password, click "forgot password" during login. We will send a link via email, and you can follow this link to set a new password and access your account. If you can't remember which email address is stored with your profile, please contact

    Update your Profile

    Once you have logged in, please click on the "View profile" link on the left side of your screen and:
    Review your personal information and update as required.

    Create a profile in the members' directory. As other club members can view this profile, it will give you an opportunity to find others with similar interests. You can tick off your interest, write a brief bio and upload a photo.

    If you do not want to appear in the members' directory, click on the privacy link and change all of the fields to 'no access'. If you want to appear in the directory but do not want to receive email from other members, set "send message form" to 'no access'.
  • Thu, February 20, 2014 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    Welcome to our new and improved webpage!


    We've moved to a new platform to make keeping in contact easier than ever. The folks at Wild Apricot have a great format that allows us to keep all of our information in one place, providing you with one-click registration for events, better ways to manage your membership, and the ability for your executive to keep in contact with you.


    We hope you enjoy the new site, and feel free to provide us with your input!

  • Thu, February 20, 2014 11:17 AM | Anonymous

    Good morning VMCC members and members-to-be!


    We are delighted to let you know that we can now accept on-line payments for your memebrship dues. This is a once per year payment of $35 and gives you access to club events, social gatherings, and discount codes on MINI-related goods and services. 


    Please visit the "Join the VMCC" tab at the top of the page to get started! And as always, send me an email at if you have any questions.


    Caroline (Membership Coordinator)

  • Wed, January 01, 2014 2:50 PM | Anonymous

    Our run guidelines are simple and common sense … but we ask that you read them, understand them and, above all, follow them.  


    We should always remember that when we are participating in a club run we represent our Club.


    As such, if we behave like idiots, we will get a reputation as idiots.


    The Vancouver MINI Cooper Club, its officers and representatives take no responsibility for an individual’s conduct on a run. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that their MINI used for the event is roadworthy and insured.


     Incident Procedures

    • The police must be notified if:
      • any person involved is injured or killed: or
      • a vehicle involved needs to be towed away; or
      • there is $2500 or more damage to property (other than the driver’s vehicle).
    • Stay calm.
    • Contact the Run Leader by radio or mobile phone. If the Run Leader is out of radio or phone range, contact someone else on the run to relay the message.
    • Makethe road safe for other users:
      •  make sure all stationary vehicles are off the road surface (if possible)
      • vehicles not involved in the incident should be moved well away  
      • place a person a reasonable distance either side of the incident to alert oncoming road users.
    • If nobody is injured, assess if the vehicle/s involved can be driven. 
      • If so (and depending on the level of damage), arrange for the vehicle/s to make their way to the nearest centre where appropriate help is available.
      • If not, assess what help is required at the site and contact appropriate sources of assistance .
      • If this assistance cannot be raised by mobile phone, arrange for one or two cars to drive to the nearest centre to organise help (ensure at least one of these vehicles has a mobile phone, and keep a note of their number/s).
    • If one or more participants are injured …
    • Call 911 for an ambulance.
    • Using the ‘run notes’, give an accurate location of the accident.
    • Protect yourself (i.e. the ‘first aider’).
    • Check for immediate life-threatening hazards – eg, high tension power lines down, leaking fuel.
    • Check the conscious state of the patient.
    • If the patient is conscious:
      • Keep them in the vehicle unless they are in danger.
      • Attempt to control any dangerous bleeding.
      • Do not splint any fractures.
      • Keep them warm and wait for the ambulance to arrive.
    • If the patient is unconscious, check:
    • A   Airway: no blockage [tongue, teeth, lolly etc]. Clear if necessary.
    • B   Breathing: patient is breathing once every 3 to 5 seconds.
    • C   Circulation: check the patient’s heart rate.
    • Place two fingers into the groove next to the ‘Adam’s Apple’ on the patient’s neck and count the pulse over one minutf breathing and circulation are confirmed and the patient remains unconscious, support the patient’s neck by holding both sides of the head and maintain a head position that ensures the patient’s chin is held off the chest. This ensures a clear airway.
    • If not breathing, or pulse is absent, remove the patient from the vehicle and commence resuscitation.


    • Notify the Club President that an incident has occurred.

2014 Copyright

BC MINI Cooper Society

Vancouver,  BC CANADA


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